Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog readers ... please speak up ... politely.

My last post on tips for prospective innkeepers, brought a great deal of interest. For one thing, I was able to track the power of Twitter due to one tweet from who has over 12,000 followers!! By the way, the recommendations on this twitter site are bang-on.

My stats counter went bananas but so few of you posted a comment. Shy- are we? Please, I would love to hear from you on any of the multifarious subjects that have crossed my blog.

Also of note, I rejected my first blog comment. And guess who it was from? It was from one of the United States' largest and most prominent B & B directories. You are probably thinking that I should be so flattered that this big business directory is reading this blog. Well that thought went out of my head in two secs when I realized that the author did not, in even the slightest way, acknowledge the ideas in my post or blog. Not so much as a "Nice post!"

It reads - If you're seriously interested in owning and operating a B&B or for seasoned innkeepers that want some extra tips to make their inn a success, consider our Big Boss' new book for Dummies.

Okay, I deleted the title of the book & website but as you can see - every word is a blatant commercial. And worst of all, their bad manners and poor public relations team overlooked the fact that I am their paying customer! I pay them to list my business on their directory site!! Sheesh - what a lost opportunity to both please me and - politely- inform the public about what they are selling.

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  1. Okay, so I hope this is better than the first one you received. I've been blog searching and honestly this is the first one to have this thought and topic. I wish you well in your blogging. Keep up the good work.


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