Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A green B & B update.

As summer-like weather wanes, the Dalai Lama is in town teaching peace and compassion. Cynics can gripe but I doubt that this man is capable of a harmful thought or utterance. When it comes to religious leaders, I wish they were all so unbiased and openly loving. I say good on Vancouver for lending him an ear.
At home, a number of B & B projects are moving from the background to take centre stage. The greening of Nelson House is still underway. The attic crawlspaces will soon be much better insulated. I have been talking to electricians, furnace contractors and our local utility company concerning a major upgrade of our heating and cooling systems. With a 100 year-old house, I am not surprised that every step of this eco-project has produced differences of opinion, new choices to be made and of course, taken longer than might be wished. Fortunately, in beautiful Vancouver, I have no need to worry about a looming deep-freeze from Old Man Winter.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The dog day of summer.

Sept. 20th, the eve of the equinox, the last day of summer 2009. Those folks over there are departing for Alaska onboard their Carnival Cruise. Me? I am glad to be staying right here in beautiful Vancouver.

Sunshine in the city and the promise of at least another week of it. Down at Granville Island Market, the fresh caught Sockeye salmon, the local berries and Okanagan peaches, plums and cherries lead me to count my blessings. It's a lot of counting.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, there really is no place like home.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A new Cairn in town!

Some weeks ago I mentioned that we had decided to add a second Cairn Terrier to the family and the B & B. I am very pleased to introduce Zack to everyone!
Zack started life in Missouri and came to us through the dedicated and life-saving efforts of a dog rescue organization - in this case, the Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue Network. "Colonel Potter" was a much-beloved Cairn Terrier who died in a car accident. In his name, a U.S. and Canada-wide non-profit network has been established to rescue Cairns from puppy mills and unscrupulous backyard breeders, auctions and animal shelters. In these days of recession, many of these dogs, like Zack, have been given up by their families for economic and personal reasons.
We consider ourselves very lucky to have found a four-year old, fully house-trained, sweet and intelligent young dog like Zack. He has been through a lot - abandoned by his first family after he encountered relatively mild health issues, briefly in a shelter, flown to Seattle, driven to Canada and cared for by a series of strangers. He has been with us only a week but with the help of our resident Cairn, Ozzie, he is relaxing and starting to believe things will be OK. They will be better than OK, Zack. We promise you all the love and care that we can give.
If anyone reading this should be thinking of a getting a dog, please consider looking on the internet for these rescue organizations that are out there helping almost every breed. The dogs will come to you only after a full veterinary check-up, treatment, vaccinations etc. The dogs will have been settled down in a Foster Family to observe and prepare them for your adoption. The dogs are usually purebred and available for a donation to help defray the non-profit's costs. Most of all, these dogs NEED and DESERVE to live a long and happy life. Won't you help? In return, they will love you forever!