Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A green B & B update.

As summer-like weather wanes, the Dalai Lama is in town teaching peace and compassion. Cynics can gripe but I doubt that this man is capable of a harmful thought or utterance. When it comes to religious leaders, I wish they were all so unbiased and openly loving. I say good on Vancouver for lending him an ear.
At home, a number of B & B projects are moving from the background to take centre stage. The greening of Nelson House is still underway. The attic crawlspaces will soon be much better insulated. I have been talking to electricians, furnace contractors and our local utility company concerning a major upgrade of our heating and cooling systems. With a 100 year-old house, I am not surprised that every step of this eco-project has produced differences of opinion, new choices to be made and of course, taken longer than might be wished. Fortunately, in beautiful Vancouver, I have no need to worry about a looming deep-freeze from Old Man Winter.

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