Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time keeps on slippin...

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico sometimes seems like one golden sunset after another. The sound of the waves is hypnotic and soothing. The tequila is fine and the flowers pack a fluorescent punch against a turquoise pool. In this state of Jalisco, folk commonly meet your gaze and surprise with a "Hola" to a stranger.

Visiting only once or twice a year, I notice the differences and the dissonances. Worldwide recession has slowed the luxury real estate flipping but has perhaps created an opportunity for regular buyers. 2008 seems to have been the year in PV when OXXO declared that "This year, we take Vallarta!" Suddenly the 7-11 lookalikes are on every corner. Also, there are more open offers of drugs and commercial sex - sometimes ALL on the same corner. Our little sleepy village is growing up.

Still, as I live-blog the sunset(pale apricot deepening rapidly towards fuschia), I forgive Vallarta it's little flaws. WOW - a sexy red cat's eye wink from the sun as it gleams over Yelapa and under a heavy-lidded cloud. Where else can I enjoy such a cool, retro 80's radio sound as NOVENTA PUNTA TRES with my "sundowner"? And then head out to dine on Imperial Prawns that can live up to the name. Maybe dance until dawn at Manana. A little shallow? I think not. It is Deep Vacation.

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