Thursday, January 15, 2009

Puerto Vallarta - beauty, fun & sensuality

Sorry to be away from the keyboard so long but if there is anything more addictive than blogging, then it is vacation. We are staying in Alondra, our Puerto Vallarta getaway home. It is a one bedroom, ocean-view condo, overlooking Los Muertos Beach. And it IS for rent, when we are not in residence!

The last few days have been oddly split between taking care of business(renewing Mexican immigration documents, meeting the accountant, shopping) and partying like there is no tomorrow. Friends and other owners in this small building dined, danced and drank until past 4 AM the other night. We called it a meeting of the condo executive.

Having recovered from the meeting, we took in our very favourite drag queens in the whole world at The Dirty Bitches Show last night. I think that City Hall should give these girls a medal for representing PV. As an ensemble, the Bitches are a force to be reckoned with. Their whole is far greater than the sum of their parts(and they do have some very nice parts!). The fun of Diva, the beauty of Jacqueline and the sensuality of Angelica are just like this wonderful town. Long Live the Dirty Bitches!

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