Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vancouver Food

Every morning at the B & B presents the opportunity to gather round the breakfast table for the best meal of the day. For guests, it is the luxury of time and relaxation, giving up the usual daily rush and worry to let someone else do the cooking, to linger over another coffee and bask in the friendly banter. For innkeepers, it is the challenge and fun of trying to please everyone's diets, tastes, preferences and palates. Frankly, we take pride in seeing our guests reluctant to push back from the table and already anticipating what we might serve the next day.

One daily constant of breakfast conversation is everyone's latest discoveries and experiences on the Vancouver food scene. We provide "David's Choice", an in-room folder of my personal favourite dining establishments nearby - everything from coffee shops to picnic supplies to the most elegant restaurants. Our conversations, however, range from the more obvious Vancouver-type questions regarding the "best seafood" and the "best views" to the more exotic(for me at least) sushi choices and vegan secrets. Guests from all over the world turn to me to knowingly discuss local organic markets, slow cooking and where to find High Tea - without having to go to Victoria. It's a reminder of just how very important, good eating really is in our lives.

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