Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Finales!

Okay. Let's do it!

Vancouver is ready for some fun and nostalgia this sunny summer weekend. At the 100th Anniversary of the Pacific National Exhibition, your admission ticket to the fair will give you access to a classic wooden roller-coaster, all the mini-donuts you can eat and free concert headliners like Cyndi Lauper. She still wants to have fun.

Back in the West End, gays and their straight friends will be celebrating on the Grand Finale Cruisey T boat cruise around our beautiful harbour. The two-footed Bears will be heading to Bearaccuda, the #1 bear dance party in the USA, as it comes to our city on Sunday night.

And down at The Odyssey nightclub, many, many people will be sad and sentimental as one of Vancouver's finest gay bars will be ending its 25 year-long journey. On Sunday night, the final Feather Boa drag show will be hosted by the legendary talents of Joan- E and Justine Tyme as everyone sings and dances a "Farewell to the Odyssey".

                                                                        99 Red Balloons...

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