Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The uncommon decency of bed and breakfast guests.

People who choose to stay in bed and breakfasts are a particularly nice kind of human being. After twenty years in this business and many more in this world, I am certain of that fact.

Regrettably, too many people aspire to a five star, gold-plated lifestyle. They spend their lives trying to add more and more material possessions to build a mountain of happiness. Others start off in their egotistical youth to chase merit and too soon, that transforms into more prestige and more power - always the next degree, the next job title, the next spouse. Others just settle for craving attention, never missing an opportunity to oppose, to whine and complain. In all of these lives, a sense of complexity and confusion mounts with every passing year. People know deep down that energy and precious time are being wasted but they just don't stop and smell the roses.

On the other hand, "Bed and Breakfasters' or "B & Bers" are individuals who have learned some very important life lessons, maybe through maturity, perhaps as old souls. B & Bers know that in life - love always trumps ambition. Think about that.

These are folks who have realized that it is the people we meet and how we treat them that counts in the long run. Practicing kindness day by day leads to a satisfying life of compassion and understanding. These are the people who embrace the many small joys of living. Bed and Breakfasters are the people who recognize the charms of a well tended garden, the character of a heritage home, the attention to detail in a home-based business.

These are my guests. People who appreciate a comfortable night's sleep, a fine cup of coffee and meeting new friends round the breakfast table.

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  1. Very well said, and I totally agree with you. I would choose a B&B over a corporate hotel any day!


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