Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at Nelson House B & B

Last night, although I sat home with the flu, the wind tossed the autumn leaves into the air, a harvest moon lit the West End and little spooks overcame their primal fears to enter the Nelson House garden in the search for CANDY!

We warned them that this old house has secrets and stories to tell. On all hallow's eve, no one can be sure that the spirits will not rise from the grave and follow you up the long walk to the big wooden door with the brass knocker.

In fact, the ghosts follow one little girl and hear her Mom say to knock hard so that they can hear you. But who are THEY? The big, heavy door swings open. Looking up - everywhere there are chandeliers hanging with cobwebs. Is that a rat under that chair? Do I hear a wolf howling ?

Maybe - but there is a nice man named Matthew and a lady named Briana - who looks a lot like that boy scout in UP. I liked that movie. ANYWAYS, they are pointing at a table, just covered with every kind of candy!

There is a fire in the fireplace and everyone seems really happy in this house. Maybe it's my fairy princess dress. I smile at the nice witch while I pick a few more of the best ones for my purple bucket. Mom says to say "Thank You". I do and bat my wings right out of there.

I'll remember THIS house for next year!

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