Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What are we doing these days?

August has been flying by. It is traditionally the busiest B & B month of the year. Briana is back from a trip DownUnder and just in time to be thrown back into the hurly-burly. She has been baking up a storm just to keep up with tables of twelve!

Matthew has borne the weight of daily cooking, cleaning and a "million other things" this summer. As someone who only cooks breakfast on weekends and occasionally cleans, I send out a BIG Thank You to him! It takes heart to find the energy for innkeeping. As our guest, it will most likely be Matthew who answers your phone call or greets you at the door. He is the one who will worry over your dietary limits and be sure to present your breakfast beautifully and done just right.

Me? Well, yes, I do some bed & breakfast laundry, emails, shop, book-keep and make sure the bills get paid. That doesn't touch the other batch of bills and maintenance on the homefront. Then there is the care & rental of the Mexican vacation condo.

Lately, O'Neal & I have been focused on finding a brother or sister Cairn for Ozzie. Ozzie turned nine this week - a happy birthday was celebrated in the park. He is a vigourous dog and usually thought to be much younger. We decided that now is the time to adopt. We discovered a North American-wide Cairn Terrier Rescue Society that is doing wonderful work for dogs rescued from puppy-mills or given up by owners. The stories that we have heard are tragedies of greed, ignorance, neglect, cruelty, just bad luck and failing health.

Anyways, we have passed the screening and home visitation reviews and are now in the hands of a Cairn/human matchmaker. Wish us luck!

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