Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Going green - one dusty step at a time.

Our Shangri-La construction project is progressing. A new attic hatch has been cut into the central ceiling. For the first time, I was able to peek into the top pyramid-space of the attic under the peak of the roof. It was clean and dry. No signs of critters. No bats in the belfrey so to speak! Being inside a pyramid, I am sure I benefited from some sort of positive energy vibrations. Well - why not?

Two other wall hatches were also cut into the the corner attic spaces between the dormers. A scrap of 1941 newspaper seems to confirm that the rock wool insulation was installed at that time. No patched holes in the walls, so the roof must have been redone in '41 as well. All this cutting is through lath and plaster walls. It's not easy as the vibrations of the saw can quickly crack and crumble surrounding walls.

I always say that old houses are organic - through the years, things seem to have grown together. Or put another way - dare to fix one thing and you F up another!

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