Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coming a vacation near you!

So, suddenly everybody’s got a deal for you! It’s a special offer, a sale, a discounted, lowest price. Well, maybe it’s the same old malarkey, designed to help their budget, not yours?

In a world full of financial woe, one Bed and Breakfast stands alone. Nelson House B & B offers you bang for the buck, not frou-frou dressed up as luxury; our first-name attention not a load of anonymous staff; home-cooking and baking, not the buffet line; answers to your questions, not a referral to the concierge. And here we are downtown - right where you want to be.

True hospitality, once experienced, will leave you with the warm and fuzzy knowledge that you picked the best accommodation in Vancouver. Just give us a call. Let’s get that vacation started!

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