Monday, November 29, 2010

"Sexiest Man Alive" - just another Vancouver attraction.

When People magazine recently picked Vancouver-born and raised Ryan Reynolds as "the sexiest man alive", many Vancouverites were not at all surprised that a BC boy is turning heads and also enjoys a rep as a fun, friendly guy. While most admirers of the male form must wait to see Ryan's abs on the big screen, Vancouver is said by many locals and visitors to be a treasure trove of fine male specimens.

Vancouver is first and foremost a West Coast city - all about the great outdoors and choosing the optimal lifestyle. According to official government statistics, Vancouverites live longer than in the rest of the country. Nice to know that staying active, living well... and looking good while doing it... has great results. Vancouver is the place that Canadians choose to move to. Foreigners do too. In present day Vancouver, there is both a rich multicultural mix and the traditional Canadian Mounties/lumberjack kind of guy. Someone for everyone. You have doubts? Did you know that Ryan's dad is a retired RCMP officer?

So if you would like to check out Vancouver's athletic men for yourself, here is a heads up! Mark two events on your calendar, get planning and book early. First up is WinterPride - the most famous gay ski week of them all. Jan. 30 to Feb. 6, 2011 is coming fast! It's your chance to combine brawn and beauty up at Whistler's Olympic facilities, just an hour and a half's spectacular drive from the city. Then, during the very peak of next summer's tourism season, Vancouver will host the North American Outgames from July 25 to 31st. That party is timed to culminate with Vancouver's annual Pride celebrations and amazing fireworks festival.

Yes - these are both very big, gay events. Sorry girls, Ryan is taken(Mr. Scarlett Johansson). But you can take my word for it, when it comes to Vancouver's men, Ryan did not break the mold.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A chill in the air brings holiday warmth...

November and December mark the yuletide holiday season. Both visitors and locals should find this Vancouver holiday lights list useful:

Nov. 26 - Jan. 2, Bright Nights offers kids of all ages a chance to bundle up for a miniature train ride through the magical light displays in Stanley Park.

Dec. 3 - 23, a great Vancouver tradition celebrates its 50th anniversary. Join the flotilla of Carol Ships in the Parade of Lights for romantic dining, carolling and sight-seeing from the waters of English Bay, False Creek and Burrard Inlet.

Dec. 10 - Jan. 2, the Festival of Lights illuminates the beautiful grounds of Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

All of the above are near Nelson House B & B. If staying with us, we would be glad to book your holiday celebrations for you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm back and life goes on.

Two weeks since I left the relaxation and golden view from the rooftop deck of our place in Vallarta and it already seems like months ago.

On the morning of my return to the B & B, a copper pipe supplying hot water to Shangri-La's jacuzzi tub, split lengthwise by an inch and a half! While Matthew, our Manager, was preparing breakfast for five guests, water gushed downwards from the third-floor to saturate the ceiling of Sailor's room on the second-floor, crack and bulge a wall on the main floor and leave various brown stains here and there along the way. A big Welcome Back to bed and breakfast reality for me. A stressful crazy day for Matthew as he shut off all the water in the house(fortunately all the guests had showered) and then, somehow cooked and served a full, hot and delicious breakfast with no water!!

So I had no time for easing back from from my tropical getaway. It was get the plumber in that day. Get the painting contractor in the next. Rearrange bookings and explain our domestic disaster to a series of guests(all very good-natured about it).

The Sailor's ceiling looked like a brown spider web of cracks over Halloween. The scary decor fit right in with our usual spooky celebrations at the B & B. The plaster had to be completely removed to the bare-bones of the old lath ceiling. Days of heat and drying later, we have just had the drywall installed there and in a small patch on the main floor. With perseverance, the plastering, painting and clean-up should be done this week. And it will all be just another chapter of life in a bed and breakfast.