Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time to think.

Time. Time to think. Time to ponder.

Gazing out at the ocean is a good beginning. The endless rythyms of tides and waves lull me to sleep and greet me in the morning. Here in Vallarta, the Pacific has been working at my favourite beach. As I settle under a palapa in late morning, the only sound is the cannonfire boom of giant breakers. Parts of Los Muertos Beach have been excavated so that there are unexpected two foot drops rather than gradual slopes. I have seen rogue waves this week that snatched whole chairs, side-tables, sunglasses and flip-flops. The ocean's volume is as clear a warning signal as the red flags posted.

I am at Ritmos Cafe, formerly Looney Tunes and popularily known as the Green Chairs. A wandering soloist plays pan-pipe and acoustic guitar to greet the day. The music is oddly beautiful as it is punctuated by explosions of surf. I order an iced coffee just as the DJ softens up the hangover victims with something light and Latin. I do love Mexico. Throughout the day, as the crowd fills la playa and the afternoon heat seems to demand some decadence, the DJ will move from retro Donna Summer to a throbbing modern dance beat - all in the name of vacation fun and living in the moment.

Someone like me - self-employed and e-connected never seems to have enough time. Of course, I realize that it is a common complaint. I am not really complaining. I actually enjoy being busy, and like most men, put a lot of myself into my profession. On these rare getaways, I find myself with time, unscheduled and free for the taking of life's small pleasures. Rest, relaxation, good food, good books, observation and appreciation. I reconfirm how much I love my partner. I find that I can live with myself quite nicely.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to the beach...

Day after tomorrow, it's an early morning flight to Puerto Vallarta. I know from experience that a good book, walks on the beach and tequilas by the pool will take precedence over my fiddly notebook computer and a WIFI signal that seems to waft on the breeze.

I will leave you with something to entertain you for many hours. It's the latest year-end List of Lists , compiled by Rex Sorgatz on Sorry no sound of the waves and warning: may not be hangover-free.

Talk to you from Mexico :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top Ten Blog Posts

I've been blogging for just over a year now and I want to thank you for reading! A special thanks to those of you who commented. Your remarks and my little old "statscounter" give me a real insight into what you would like to see and read. Sometimes it surprises me - a lot of you looked at my post on the life and death of architect Arthur Erickson. A lot of posts largely made up of my own photography seemed to grab your attention. That tells me to keep the blog personal.

Here are my Top Ten Blog Posts of 2009:

10. Who knew that our trip to Tofino would capture your attention? Obviously, the secret is out.
9. Glad you liked my tip off that Google Earth now shows you beautiful Vancouver in 3 D.
8. As an innkeeper, I just had to get the stifling subject of nestled over-coziness off my chest!
7. Then, I took the guest perspective on common apprehensions about B & Bs.
6. I tried to look at all sides and the pros and cons of online reviews.
5. Five ways to avoid bed and breakfast burnout spoke for itself.
4. So did the top 5 reasons to open a bed and breakfast.
3. The most popular of my professional insider posts was about loving people.
2. A video review of Nelson House B & B was not only an Editor's Pick on but the most watched Vancouver video there! This is the youtube version of it in a bigger screen.
1. My many posts on a local's view of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games drew the most hits by far. This post is just a sneak peak of what is coming!

Love to hear from you. David.