Friday, October 18, 2013

Ozzie in memoriam


Ozzie was the red-gold colour of a back-lit autumn leaf. For anyone who ever met this dog, you will remember him for his big heart, his happy wag: “Hi! My name is Ozzie. How are you?”

At 13 years of age, his life here is over. Many hundreds of bed and breakfast guests were welcomed by his enthusiastic kisses. Everywhere this handsome fellow went, he made people smile. He relaxed them just a little. He was always on the watch for someone who might need what he was offering. It seemed his mission in life.

I am not much of a church believer but if ever there was proof, warm furry friendly proof, of God’s existence, it was Ozzie. This dog’s heart was a bottomless well of love that he was determined, as only a Cairn Terrier can be determined, to share with the world. He seemed an old soul who just wanted to help everyone a little further along the path.

Peace my friend. If there is a forever-land, you are no doubt happy to be there, among the believers in Love.

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  1. Oh, that cute little dog.. he's very lucky to have you as his family, and you're lucky to have him. I have cats whom I really treat as my kids, they're really special to me, and to think that someday this could also happen.. I can't even think of that happening.. especially now one of them is terribly sick. I hope he gets well soon. And I pray for Ozzie, you and your family. :)


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